KBY International is a Turkish Company.  KBY International was established in 2006, with the main purpose of participating in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.  Our main office is in Istanbul. Our main goal is to take our part in other countries like as Turkey, Afghanistan, Libya, Russia and Ukrain with our knowledge and experience in construction. KBY International Construction Company is working with engineers who are experienced in different disciplines in construction, information technology, and electrical, such as Turkey and the United States to be used as key personnel.


CODE OF CONDUCT               

KBY International code is experience, quality and honesty. Our code embodies the vision of our company founders and encompasses the values that are vital for construction business. These values represent how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers and how we hold each other and ourselves accountable.  This is the legacy we will leave for the future generations to replace us.

The following ethical values represent the cornerstone of our Code of Conduct. While achieving these high standards may be difficult to attain, we nonetheless aspire to our lives and conduct our business.


  • - Be truthful, accurate and straightforward
    - Be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.



KBY’s goal is to bring solutions even if it seems insoluble. KBY International’s experienced design team reinforced with experienced CAD designers, architects, structure engineers, registered communications distribution designers, and certified electricians, is the main key to accomplish the mission. Solutions that KBY International brings to both vertical and horizontal structures as per the specifications of the customer give a head start and cost saving for the entire project.


KBY International has completed various contracts for US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force and US Army DPW, British Army, Canadian Army, ATCO Frontec, Australian Army, Dutch Army through over Kabul and Kandahar Air Field. We gained extensive experience in design and building contracts for organizations and we are extremely familiar with the applicable construction regulations and procedures.

KBY International through its principle for completion and handing over of undertaken works in scheduled time and achieving employers satisfaction, has demonstrated its reliability and dynamism. The proposed Project Management, duties, responsibilities and details of key management team and organization chart are as follows:


Project Management of KBY will focus mainly on below indicated management points, requiring a special attention before beginning and during the execution of works under the project:

1. Project Integration Management to ensure that the various project elements are effectively coordinated: Prior to beginning the project, Gantt chart showing all activities that will be performed step by step up to the completion of project will be prepared. We will divide the project into stages and provide the effective coordination for each stage through sequential processing, parallel processing as well as the staggered processing. In the sequential processing, we suppose to divide the project into separate stages. Many Project segments will be conducted in parallels and carried out simultaneously. Staggered planning assumes that some stages will be overlapping, such as different construction works or designconstruction procedures for the fast operation. With the aim to reach project goals, we will assign and implement the duties and responsibilities of various project participants (subcontractors, suppliers, forwarding companies, etc.). For effective coordination of each project activity, the group/team leaders will coordinate their teams and report to the managers.

At the design-construction stage, projects will be prepared according to most recent editions of  US Standards  or other standards. Thus, we will meet the requirements of the scope of work and we will get the approval of the Authority.

2. Project Scope Management to ensure that all work required (and only the required work) is included: We studied the work described in Scope of Work and Technical Requirements of solicitation documents and will accomplish our projects.

3. Project time management to provide an effective project Schedule: the detailed Gantt chart developed for our projects will be finalized after the contract award at the beginning stage. Every task of Gantt chart will be clearly owned by team leaders / managers to ensure proper implementation and completion of the task. During the task planning, critical path items will be ear-marked in the schedule with adequate risk mitigation procedures to ensure the project does not slip the planned schedule. The project will be split into many subprojects that will be split into activities and tasks.

4. Environmental management plan:An environmental site assessment checklist shall be used as the tool to identify risks to the environment associated with the scope of the work being undertaken by KBY International Construction Co.  or our subcontractors. KBY International Construction Co.  will ensure all employees and subcontractors are aware of the prime contractors emergency preparedness plan and procedures on site. The emergency evacuation process, the emergency fire fighting system and the emergency plans for spillage containment shall be included in all site inductions.


5. Project Quality and Safety Management: Quality control and safety are essential matter in construction works. Our quality philosophy is to perform the work at once and in time. The QC process starts during the planning and design stage since some construction plans may be turned out difficult and dangerous to implement, whereas others may considerably reduce the possibility of accidents. All Project staff will be responsible for qualified and safety execution of work. An input control shall be executed to all materials delivered on site for our projects and before the use of these materials in work. All supplied materials will be checked to ensure zero defects in delivered goods. The use of non-conforming material will not be allowed. The Quality Control Engineer shall be notified by receiving personnel when material arrives on site. If the receiving inspection is not performed at the time the material arrives onsite, the shipment will be tagged "Hold" and/or placed in a segregated “Holding Area” until the receiving inspection has been completed. Damage or “Variations” will be detailed on the shipping documents and the supplier and/or owner notified. The Quality Control Engineer shall determine the action to be taken. No materials will be used for construction without preliminary coordination with Employer including any works like architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, etc, will be started without coordination with Employer and final approval. The materials will be stored and used according to the manufacturers' instructions. The Quality Control Engineer shall evaluate the storage areas to ensure they meet the requirements. Those items requiring “special storage” shall be listed and their storage requirements specified. Quality Control shall ensure protection has been provided as specified. Warehousing and lay-down areas shall be controlled in such a manner as to ensure that the correct materials are issued to authorized personnel and to prevent the use of incorrect, not tested or defective materials, parts and components from being installed. Safety largely depends upon education, consciousness and cooperation during the construction process. Therefore, all workers prior to joining the project team will be trained in order to reduce work accidents, injuries and illness. All works will be coordinated between group leaders and workers will be constantly alerted to the possibilities of accidents and avoid unnecessary risks.

Necessary measures will be taken to provide the safety of workers and work. The site area will be enclosed with fences and the entrances will be taken under control. The site area will be kept clean and tidy during the implementation of works by developing adequate methods, and if it is needed a crew will be formed.

All company managers take responsibility for maintaining and improving quality control. The project team works together on quality, health and safety problems by suggesting new work methods, by avoiding rework, by avoiding long- term problems. During the construction process itself, a set of standard practices including but not limited to below indicated, will be applied:

1. Report unsafe conditions

2. Promptly report all accidents/injuries/incidents to supervisor

3. Dress properly. Wear appropriate work clothes, gloves, and shoes or boots. Loose clothing and jewelry shall not be worn

4. Operate machines or other equipment only when all guards and safety devices are in place and in proper operating condition

5. Keep all equipment in safe working condition. Never use defective tools or equipment

6. Report any defective tools or equipment

7. Properly care for and be responsible for all personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear or use any such PPE when required.

8. Lockout or disconnect power on any equipment or machines before any maintenance and adjustments are made.

9. Do not leave materials in walkways, stairways, work areas, roadways or other points of egress.

10. Practice good housekeeping at all times.


With the aim to maintain a high level of quality control, inspections will be performed by the KBY’s QC and Safety Engineers (preferably with Employer’s QA/QC officer) in conjunction with for the following items:

- Preparatory / Site Survey, Structural - prior to closure of structural members or connections, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC, Preliminary and Final inspections will be conducted as required.






Date: …../ …./ ……….







Are the personal protective equipments that are provided as necessary used? (Cap, top boot, boot, mask, glasses etc.)



Was tetanus vaccine inoculated?



Is it 25 kg carried by one person?



Are the processed bars stacked properly?



Is the safety belt used for works with fall and slip danger and at height more than 3 meters?



Are the debris and scrap materials stacked properly?



Are defective and malfunctioned hand tools used?



Is wooden passing installed to the space between the reinforced concrete stairs and landings?



Are there protective grounding lines on bar bending and cutting benches?



Are work gloves and steel nose shoes used?



Is the space in the ceiling or flooring and the topside of the holes closed?



Is working gown used according to the weather conditions?



Are there protective shields of the electrical appliances?



Do the workers of bar bending and cutting machinery wear rubber gloves against electricity leakage?



Are the cables of the electrical appliances plugged and in compliance with the standards?






Is there sufficient illumination in dark places at night?



Are the elevator spaces furnished with railings?



Are the works at height carried out with proper scaffoldings?



Is uncontrolled material throwing from the top of blocks prevented?



Is it prevented to allow workers less than 18 years old to be assigned?



Is it prevented to allow workers without any identification card to be assigned?



Are there flame backfire valves on the hose from the oxygen supplies?



Is there fire extinguisher hung on the welding cars?



Are there fire extinguishers in the offices and material stores of subcontractors?









KBY International Construction Work Safety Official

Name and Surname:








Opinion of the RC Work Safety Manager Who Made the Inspection


Pertaining to non-compliance with the rules

Number                 Item No.

of Workers    -      Related to Non-Compliance


Name, Surname,





















Opinion and Instruction of the Project Manager:

Project Name:


Date of Request:


Project Location:


Date of Pour:





14 oC

EMSG HQ Building First Floor Column's Pouring Concrete

Concrete Information

Design Mix:

# 01

Start Time:

6:00 PM

PSI required:

3000 psi

End Time:


Desired Slump:

5 - 9 cm

Method of Pour:

Concrete Pump



Special Equipment:


Activity number(s) of concrete placement:

AEW HQ Biulding Second Floor Beam & Slab

Pre-Pour checklist


The following check list(s) below must be completed by the QC Manager

QC Intials

Rebar Placement
















According to Design


As to reference point




According to Design


Note:  Above Check list(s) will be completed 24 hours before time of pour.


Crew & Equipment

Max. Mixer Trucks at a Time


Vibrator Op. / Vibrator

Concrete Worker


Rebar Checker

Total Teams on Site











Pour completion Information


Time in

Time out


Total (m3)





Truck 1








16. oC

Truck 2








16.05 oC




























6. Project human resource management to development and effectively employ project personnel: Our general model is to appoint the qualified, trained, fluently English speaking personnel experienced in Military construction projects, having knowledge of military construction rules and the regulations, experienced in work with military, state and private organizations, worked in similar by nature projects, familiar with local conditions in Afghanistan and experienced in working with Afghani personnel. The same model will be applied all projects. The responsibilities and duties of key project management staff are described in part Project Management Team. During the execution of works under our projects, design, electrical and mechanical  technicians will be used. KBY is committed to use local laborers in our work whenever possible to maximize economic benefit to the local population, gather local support and train receptive locals for future opportunities. We presently employ Afghani workers in our operations in Afghanistan.

7. Project communications management to ensure effective internal and external communication.: Proper and timely communication and coordination are some of the most important tasks of Project Management. Therefore, the Management team for our projects speaks fluent English. Responsible coordinating all activities within the group and being reported to Project Manager and /or Chiefs will be assigned for each small group. All responsible will report to Project Manager. In order to ensure the immediate resolving of daily issues in working order the following techniques will be accomplished by KBY:

- Daily progress reports from managers (including QC and Health and Safety Engineers, Logistics responsible, etc.) to Site Manager, who will prepare the Summary report for final submission to Project Manager and Senior Management

- On-line meetings between Project Manager and Senior Management

- Weekly on-site coordination meetings with project management staff of KBY.

- Weekly meetings with Employer for discussion of progress reports.

- Different terms of immediate communication like e-mail and cell phones

The established open-door policy allows keeping the highest level of on-site management and receiving useful reports. No reports will be ignored and actions, if necessary, will be taken. Interpreter/translator will be employed with the aim of proper communication with Afghani personnel foreseen for our projects.

8. Project risk management to analyze and mitigate potential risks: There are many different types of risks that may occur during the project implementation.

KBY International realized the importance of community support and employing as many locals as possible in management, skilled labor and standard labor positions. This enhances project security when the local community feels some ownership in the project. The risks related to organizational relationships may appear to be quite real. Whenever strained relationships are developed between project members the Group / Team Leaders (of Project Manager if required) focuses on solving the problems. Cooperation and communication between the project members and elimination of problems is one of the most important aims of Group / Team Leaders and Project Manager.

9. Project procurement management to obtain necessary resources from external sources: The availability of material and equipment warehouses in Kabul and Kandahar Airfield allows us to keep materials in stock and deliver them in accordance with work schedule. Also, the existence of our approved suppliers allows us to purchase required materials in quantity and quality necessary for the project. We know by experience that many project delays may be caused by the unavailability of materials in the manufacturers stock. Therefore for each project we make a minimum stock list and when the inventory becomes close to our minimum requirements of the list we immediately arrange a delivery of materials either to the construction site or to our warehouse.

  • - Procurement – We pay a serious attention to procurement and logistics management. By the tender preparation, detailed purchasing plan for the project is developed. In coordination between Procurement and Logistics Department in Main Office in Turkey and KAF branch office, necessary materials will be purchased and delivered to the site.
  • - Delivery on time – We have strategically placed logistics personnel in the border towns, experienced in moving goods across the borders, and have sources for materials, and means for their rapid delivery, in Turkey, Europe, USA.
  • - Local Market – We have experienced local people in the city to find the material in the shortest time to deliver to the site as per the project scope under control of technical office department at KAF


10. Value Engineering It is an organized approach to providing the necessary functions at the lowest cost:From the beginning the concept of value engineering was seen to be cost validation exercise, which did not affect the quality of the product. The straight omission of an enhancement or finish would not be considered value engineering. This led to the second definition : It is an organized approach to the identification and elimination of unnecessary cost. Unnecessary cost is Cost which provides neither use, nor life, nor quality, nor appearance, nor customer features.

11. Commissioning and handover plan:

KBY International Construction Co. is responsible for developing a Commissioning and Handover Plan, also to ensure that all Commissioning and Handover requirements are addressed and relevant stakeholders consulted as part of the process.

Commissioningverifies that the Works and all relevant systems, equipment and assemblies have been installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the relevant contract. Commissioning also includes the Works are built as designed, are certified by a suitably qualified engineer and are fit for the intended purpose.

Commissioning takes place during the construction of the Works, before Completion (as defined in the relevant construction contract) of the Works.

Handover is the stage where responsibility for the Works is passed from the Contractor back to employer. Handover takes place prior to, and at the time of Completion (as defined in the construction contract) of the Works.

There may be minor defects or omissions in the Works but these do not prevent the Works from being reasonably capable of being used for the intended purpose, and can be corrected without prejudicing the convenient use of the Works. Importantly, the risk in the Works passes back to employer.


Our staff commands knowledge of Engineering principles and construction practices, well trained and experienced in works in Afghanistan and familiar with work conditions in the country. Our combinations of in-house construction capabilities along with those of our strategic partners and subcontractors provides an excellent base of experience, knowledge and equipment to perform the works under contracts and respond quickly and efficiently to new requirements and changes.

The organization chart provided shows anticipated Project Management organization. As it is shown in Project Organization chart, the project management team foreseen for our  projects will consist of a Project Manager, Site Manager, Design Office, Technical Office, Quality Control and Safety Engineers and project staff including, finance and administrative and technical and working personnel that will carry out the tasks of project planning, design and construction in an integrated manner. The project management team will be supported by Senior Management and Kabul office of our company. The duties, responsibilities and authority of project management team are as below indicated:

Project Manager : Project Manager will be responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and managing the project.

Experience - Project Manager will have such an experience and capability that he will solve any problem that is going to be faced during the implementation, professionally Authority - Project Manager receives authority from the management of the organization to mobilize the necessary resources to complete a project. Reporting

1. Project Manager will report to Senior Management, by providing detailed weekly reports describing different project details.

2. Project Manager will join to the coordination meetings that will be held with Employer and submit reports related to the project activities to Employer

3. Project Manager will provide the contact with Employer Project Manager will;

- Determine a management policy; that is harmonious with the company policy and contract, in order to carry out the project,

- Direct the work by taking all measures in order to provide the project to be at desired quality, not to exceed the amount of the determined budget and to provide the execution of works according to the proposed work schedule,

- Determine the services that will be given during the implementation of the project,

- Provide the organization and determine the personnel that will be in charged,

- Provide planning, engineering services, material procurement, any kind of coordination during implementation and management,

- Take the necessary measures to provide the project to be finished in the determined period of time, determined amount of budget and desired quality,

- Exert interpersonal influence in order to lead the project team,

- Coordinate the activities of the team members drawn from functional departments.

- Main responsibility is to make sure that work is carried out to the Employer's requirements, specification and schedule.

- take and follow the execution of decisions about the site activities,

- provide coordination with the administrative office related to works and management of site personnel,

- make the necessary arrangements by inspecting the work schedule carefully, without causing a delay in the works,

- make the leadership of the all site organization,

- provide the coordination in order to provide the works to be implemented successfully

- organize, follow and make necessary controls related with subcontractual works

Technical Office : Technical office will be responsible for coordination of construction activities and follow up that the work is executed within required time and budget.

Authority - will have the authority to coordinate and propose decisions related with execution of work in time and within budget.

Reporting - 1. Technical office will report to project Manager and / or Senior Management by providing detailed weekly reports describing execution and progress of works.

2. Technical office will join weekly on-site coordination meetings that will be held among KBY’s Project Management team.

3. Technical office will join coordination meetings with Employer if required and necessary. Technical Office will:

- develop and follow up the execution of works under our projects in accordance with work schedule and within specified deadlines,

- execute the cost control and follow up the work execution within budget,

- check work progress and prepare work progress reports,

- application and conformity of work executed to technical specifications, plans and drawings and requirements of Employer,

- follow up all project correspondence.

Quality Control Engineer : QC Engineer will be appointed with the aim to meet the project requirements and assure the compliance of executed work to project specifications, plans and drawings.

Experience – QC Engineer will have such an experience and capability to control on-site activities and implementation of project in accordance with quality requirements and current QC applications

Authority - QC Engineer will have the authority to give decisions in coordination with Project Manager related with quality of construction activities on site.

Reporting - QC Engineer will report to Project Manager and / or Senior Management by providing weekly QC reports

QC Engineer will:

- ensuring implementation of quality control procedures, tests, in-process inspections and completed product inspections as well as taking the necessary measurements for safety execution of work

- inspect construction activities at site,

- document non-conforming items or conditions and ensure that the necessary corrective measures have been implemented,

- substantiation of quality of materials and workmanship by inspection,

- reviewing all submittals to ensure compliance with plans and specifications,

- reviewing of methods and procedures of work of subcontractor to ensure their understanding and compliance with plans and specifications,

- continues education and training of personnel involved in the project,

- be responsible, together with Site Manager, for establishing the requirements for the inspection of handling, storage, cleaning and preservation of materials and equipment.


H&S Engineers : H&S Engineer will be responsible for healthy and safety execution of all construction activities on site. Experience - H&S Engineer will have such an experience and capability to check on-site  activities and implementation of project in accordance with Health and Safety requirements

Authority - H&S Engineer will have the authority to give decisions in coordination with Site Manager and Project Manager related with health and safety aspect of construction activities on site.

Reporting - H&S Engineer will report to Project Manager and / or Senior Management by providing weekly reports

H&S Engineer will:

- ensuring implementation of safety procedures, on-site inspections and as well as taking the necessary measurements for safety execution of work

- inspect construction activities at site,

- document non-conforming items or conditions and ensure that the necessary corrective measures have been implemented,

- reviewing of methods and procedures of work of subcontractor to ensure their understanding and compliance with plans and specifications,

- continues education and training of personnel involved in the project,

- be responsible, together with QC Engineer and Site Manager, for establishing the requirements for the inspection of handling, storage, cleaning and preservation of materials and equipment.


Site Manager Site manager is the person in charge of all on site operations, working with contractors and subcontractors and ensuring the building contract runs to schedule. Site manager controls all aspects of the site including planning work, arranging delivery of materials and managing a range of subcontractors, and is ultimately responsible for ensuring a contract is delivered on time.


Certified Electrician : Certified Electrician install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes. May install or service street lights, intercom systems, or electrical control systems.

Primary Tasks for electricians include:

• Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.

• Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.

• Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.

• Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.

• Advise management on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous.

• Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.

• Maintain current electrician's license or identification card to meet governmental regulations.

• Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.

• Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.

• Prepare sketches or follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring and equipment and to ensure conformance to building and safety codes.


Mechanical Engineer : Researches, plans, and designs mechanical and electromechanical products and systems, and directs and coordinates activities involved in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and repair of mechanical or electromechanical products and systems: Researches and analyzes data, such as customer design proposal, specifications, and manuals to determine feasibility of design or application.

Designs products or systems, such as instruments, controls, engines, machines, and mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, or heat transfer systems, applying knowledge of engineering principles


Project Staff : The Project Staff of KBY that will be appointed for our projects will be experienced and well qualified. They will be responsible for execution of activities, coordination and performance of work in accordance with contract, specifications, standards and schedule. The additional information about professional resume data is provided under Personnel Commitment. Achieving the satisfaction of our Clients and being reputable and reliable partner can summarize the Customer orientation policy of KBY. We commit to answer to the Client’s request and needs with qualified, trained and experienced personnel that are dedicated to bring effective technical solutions.

onstruction works.



KBY International Co. provides the following solution to potential problems to maintain the beginning of the milestones and completion date. The exact timing of KBY. Inc.’s proposal is based on time from NTP. A specific hard date at this time is uncertain at this point but can be determined when an NTP would be issued.


We plan to procure materials and equipments for our projects from Turkey and local source.


We pay serious attention to materials management and material requirements planning systems. We know by experience that many project delays may be caused by the unavailability of materials in the manufacturers stock. Therefore for each project we make a minimum stock list and when the inventory becomes close to our minimum requirements of the list we immediately arrange a delivery of materials either to the construction site or to our warehouse. In addition, we have strategically placed logistics personnel in the border towns, experienced in moving goods across the borders, and have sources for materials, and means for their rapid delivery, in Turkey, Europe, USA, China, Pakistan, Central Asia and Russia.


Measuring, Evaluating & Correcting


The effective control of a project involves three distinct activities: Measuring, Evaluating and Correcting, together, these three activities form the essential elements of a project control system.  KBY is to regulate the activities, resources and events in order to achieve the results as defined by the project plans.


Time Cost & Performance

The effective control of a project is based on the three distinct activities: Measuring, Evaluating and Correcting. These three activities are based on three essential parameters, namely Time, Cost and Performance. In this case KBY will take into consideration time limit, cost and overall performance of project implementation.



Business Model

KBY’s model is to use qualified Western Managers for project management, financial management, quality control and technical expertise:


  • Create and interpret project schedules, work plans
  • Budget input/control
  • Prepare contract documents
  • Supervision
  • Work with partners, stockholders
  • Negotiation with clients
  • Obtain project permits and approvals
  • Site Health and Safety issues
  • Interpretation of drawings
  • Preparation and administration of change orders
  • Site visits
  • Testing of site materials
  • Procurement of construction materials
  • Inspections of constructions operations


Turkish Labor Content and Training


Turk workers are used to provide basic manpower service to carry out projects. They are continually trained for future opportunities.


Local Labor Content and Training


Local workers are also trained to know useful construction and technical skills for future opportunities.  They are used for general labor to maximize economic benefit to local population.


Working Hours


KBY International workers will arrive to work on time and under the proper supervision, provided with water and food. If allowed, or when necessary, KBY International workers are ready to work on nonworking days and overtime to more quickly meet or beat deadlines.







Batch Plant (Kandahar Air Field)




Truck Mounted Pump




Mixer Trucks




Front end loaders




25 Tone Crane








Water Truck




Diesel Tanker
















Welding Machines




Cutting and Bending Machines




Local Heaters








Truck Mounted Manlift








Dump Trucks













Projects implemented by KBY International are carried out according to health and safety plan. KBY International is to ensure that all its employees and workers follow safety measures to protect themselves and public from injuries or any other accidents on the construction sites.  KBY guarantees that its workers and employees are to wear safety clothing, such as gloves, hard hats, protective chemical suits, and devices to protect their eyes, respiratory and hearing system.

If any accidents occur on KBY construction sites employer will provide first aid and medical care for potentially injured workers. A first aid kit would be accessible in all projects.

To effectively manage incidents and provide better care for workers, all contact information as well as the name and address of the local clinics or military hospital based on the location of construction sites must be included into company’s emergency list.

KBY Company requires that the Project Manager/ Supervisor and his workers be trained in specific hazards and control measures associated with their assigned construction works.

Company also requires that the Project Manager/ Supervisor manages trainings of all company personnel in the requirements of health and safety procedures, introduces ISAF policy regulations and reports all accidents on the sites.  He reviews the job steps of daily activities, identifies the hazards of each step, and discusses preventive measures. Government of Afghanistan requires multitude of safety policies and programs to be implemented by each Construction Company located in Afghanistan.




KBY has operated in Central Asia and Afghanistan since fall 2002. With quality office, factory and on-site employees drawn from the local labor market and managed by experienced businessmen living abroad, KBY offers European-quality services while simultaneously stimulating and improving the local economy. 




Since its establishment KBY Construction Company has been the Prime Contractor and has implemented various projects in HQ Kabul, Kandahar and Bagram Airbase. KBY has worked on contracts for the US Department of Defense, American, Canadian, British, Australian Military Contracting Offices, Namsa, NATO, ISAF, and civilian clients in Central Asia since late 2002. KBY has successfully completed and executed multiple projects in Central Asian Region (CAR) and Afghanistan and is presently expanding rapidly to fill the needs of these areas. KBY also completed a variety of construction projects for humanitarian organizations, OSCE and US military installations throughout CAR, and is extremely familiar with prefabrication of modular buildings, containers; concrete works, padding, fencing and any other required construction works.