Human Resources

KBY International Co. is the fact that all employees carry out their tasks with sacrifice, loyalty and performance over expectations.

KBY International Co. owes its sustainable success and competitive advantage to the experience and diversity of its employees. KBY International Co. employees, with gender and ethnical diversity, from different educational and occupational backgrounds can easily present different perspectives to the clients with their experiences, competences, ideas and personal characteristics.

Human Resources have a high priority within KBY International Co. Its primary task is to monitor and support employees’ professional development and to bring in capable and hardworking employees adaptive to company’s culture. All departments and managers within the company work in coordination and support all efforts which HR department deems necessary for the successful growth of the corporation.

Employing extremely skilled and highly motivated employees and a strong communication network built within them are the fundamental management principals of the company.

─░Employees treated equally during recruitment, training, development, promotion and retirement and career programs developed based on their opinions.

Employees are frequently encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions about the business processes of the company with the management. Executive managers visit and meet with employees periodically. Thus, employees frequently find the opportunity to give their feedbacks.

KBY International Co. constantly invests in developments and trainings that could improve business performance. All employees are evaluated and assigned to the most suitable positions for themselves and required trainings are given in order to boost the employees’ professional and personal development as well as their contribution to the company. All employees are encouraged to participate in annual performance and career development programs. Furthermore, job satisfaction, morale and professional development needs of the employees are revealed by conducted surveys. Their developments are evaluated in detail; their personal development and career plans, performances and competences are observed. Thus, employees’ needs necessary for their personal and professional developments are analyzed and the right positions are determined. In order to balance professional development during new promotions special training programs are implemented. While these initiatives give an important opportunity for professional and personal development, they also accelerate successful expanding of KBY International Co.